I just went through this process and it wasn't fun. Actually it's not that difficult. You need to apply for the Vietnam tourist visa here, and upload your main passport page and a...(more)

I prefer Saigon. It is a more vibrant city, more business is done here and plenty of things to do. People seem to be friendlier.

While Vietnamese startup companies go to other countries for starting their businesses, there are also various people from many different countries, choosing different types of businesses that have successfully established their businesses in Vietnam. However, how to start a business in...(more)

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I joined local meetup groups advertised on FB and met a lot of nice people. I met many riding my bicycle around

I took the minibuses when I was there. They were extremely fast and efficient but terrifying! The drivers try to make as many trips as possible in a day and constantly overtake trucks and other cars. Everyone on the minibus got a little black plastic bag upon getting on. I found out what it was...(more)

I have lived in Vietnam for 6 years and loving it. I couldn't afford to live in Australia with my current lifestyle so very happy with the move

You can easily obtain a 3 month tourist or business visa and possible to renew many times. Can get extensions as wellas doing a visa run. Contact Jane SNVI for any visa questions

English is not used much in Vietnam and so there is a big need for English teachers. Vietnamese has been very hard for me to learn but I have learnt enough to survive here