My advice is first read Michael's advice here to find out where the job posts are and how to get invited to the interview once you're in Asia. In Chiangmai, Thailand where...(more)

The Thai “institute of morality” hates porn and sex toys. They are fine with Pattaya and Nana-cowboy etc. They try to block access to a lot of websites but you can usually find a way around or use a VPN. Not to worry, your boyfriend will not be tracked down and sent to a Thai prison....(more)

According to the Thailand Trade and Economic Office's website, below are the countries that can get a Visa on Arrival (VOA) for 15 days, 30 days, and even 90 days (!). Not a bad deal if...(more)

Whenever I visit Bangkok, which used to be about once a year, I found the local people's English level to be good enough to have basic conversations, share a laugh, and somehow connect with people in a meaningful way.

At a print shop, the owner chatted me up about Trump. That was back when...(more)