Career Abroad

The way my buddy Pieter did it was just by applying to jobs on Use keywords like "full stack engineer", "back end engineer" or whatever coding language you're proficient in. Many larger companies won't mind if you can't...(more)

If you work as an ESL teacher in Korea it's pretty legit.

Work usually starts at around 1pm, so you can sleep in.

The average salary is around 2,000$ a month, but housing is free. Food is super cheap. You can easily get a good meal at a mom and pop...(more)

If you're job choice is not industry specific, then I would consider language as the first factor when making your decision, and then cost of living as a close second. If you are interested in learning/using Mandarin Chinese, then avoid Hong Kong. You wont' get much of a chance to use it, and...(more)