The entrepreneur visa is an initiative by the Taiwanese government (run by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Investment Commission) to attract international innovation and talent and assist foreign...(more)

I've been DJing in China and Taiwan for over ten years. I found there are incredible opportunities to DJ around Asia if you have some interpersonal skills, a cool look, and some decent DJ skills.

The key to getting DJ gigs in Asia is knowing the gatekeepers. These are the bar and club...(more)

My advice is first read Michael's advice here to find out where the job posts are and how to get invited to the interview once you're in Asia. In Chiangmai, Thailand where...(more)

Unless you are independently wealthy, getting a job is the key to your new life abroad. A full time job means you’ll be legally employed, receiving all the benefits of local workers in the foreign country, and ready to start establishing yourself. As an expat, your stability in a...(more)

For those of you who are eager to find a perfect job in Asia, we put together the list of sites to start searching for a new workplace.


  • Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, and Southeast Asia take the top three seats for the most social networking users globally, with an accumulated 2.009 billion users.

  • Eastern Asia has the highest social media penetration rate at...(more)

  • The custom of facemask-wearing began in Japan during the early years of the 20th century, when a massive pandemic of influenza killed between 20 and 40...(more)