According to this article, the Trump administrationordered a suspension of flights on Wednesday from China to the United States as...(more)

If you're job choice is not industry specific, then I would consider language as the first factor when making your decision, and then cost of living as a close second. If you are interested in learning/using Mandarin Chinese, then avoid Hong Kong. You wont' get much of a chance to use it, and...(more)

You usually need to be anative English speaker and to have university degree to teach English in Taiwan or in China. You need those qualifications to get a work visa. Individual schools can also prefer or require teachers to be TEFL certified.

However, there are some...(more)

My advice is first read Michael's advice here to find out where the job posts are and how to get invited to the interview once you're in Asia. In Chiangmai, Thailand where...(more)

With my experience of having grown up in North America and then spent most of my adult life in Taiwan and then China, teaching in and later running an EFL school, I definitely have some opinions. But there are a lot of factors involved in making a decision about where to live for a year or more...(more)

Ten Things That Will Shock You About Visiting China

Greetings from Beijing, China! Today we have the ten things that will shock tourists about Chinese culture. These things will be particularly shocking for Westerners in China for the first time....(more)

Business travelers to China usually obtain an "F"-type visa. F visas are issued to travelers who are visiting China for business reasons, such as lectures, trade shows, short-term studies, internships, or general business, technological, or cultural exchanges.


According to the Guardian, Republican front runner Donald Trump has a less than favorable outlook from foreign countries, including China. One of the largest trade partners of the U.S., China has become an interesting talking point for Trump, who has expressed anxiety over the rather large...(more)

  • Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, and Southeast Asia take the top three seats for the most social networking users globally, with an accumulated 2.009 billion users.

  • Eastern Asia has the highest social media penetration rate at...(more)

  • This depends on whether you’re looking for a full on adventure in Asia, or a relaxing place to live, work, and save money. I’ve spent two years teaching in China, first in Qingdao and then in Shanghai. As a 21 year old college graduate, it was a shock to my system when I landed...(more)