Teaching Abroad

There are dozens of great websites for job seekers looking to teach English abroad. Asia is probably your best bet. The demand for English is incredible and you'll have dozens of countries to choose from.

First think about what country you'd like to teach in. (more)

This depends on whether you’re looking for a full on adventure in Asia, or a relaxing place to live, work, and save money. I’ve spent two years teaching in China, first in Qingdao and then in Shanghai. As a 21 year old college graduate, it was a shock to my system when I landed in...(more)

My advice is first read Michael's advice here to find out where the job posts are and how to get invited to the interview once you're in Asia. In Chiangmai, Thailand where...(more)

China: if you are starting out as a first time English teacher, China is definitely the best choice. What you can expect is teaching a group of students who are very eager to learn and not shy to participate in the classroom. Outside of work you will find amazingly delicious...(more)