What's the cost of living like in Taiwan?

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Taiwan is a surprisingly affordable place for expats. Lets take a look at the numbers fromnumbeo.combetween my hometown of Tampa, Florida, and Taichung, the second biggest city in Taiwan.

  • Consumer Prices in Taichung are 12.26% lower than in Tampa, FL
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in Taichung are 31.45% lower than in Tampa, FL
  • Rent Prices in Taichung are 69.25% lower than in Tampa, FL
  • Restaurant Prices in Taichung are 62.41% lower than in Tampa, FL
  • Groceries Prices in Taichung are 7.32% higher than in Tampa, FL
  • Local Purchasing Power in Taichung is 54.76% lower than in Tampa, FL
  • Some Tips for living large while saving money aboardStay disciplined on weekdaysand give yourself a budget for the weekends. It’s easy to burn through money by eating out and drinking on weekdays. Then doing it again on weekends. Save it for the weekend and be a monk on weekdays. You’ll thank yourself for it.Discover the benefits of having roommates again.Just like back in college, having a roommate can be a blast. It’s like having a partner in crime to share stories, get your back, and be your bestie while you’re alone in a foreign country.Ride a bicycle.You might be surprised to learn how dense Asian and European cities are. Unlike the United States, in most Asian cities you can easily and quickly ride a bicycle to work, cafes, bars, just about anywhere in a few minutes. And it’s free.Cook at home.The cheapest and healthiest way to eat is cooking at home. Local traditional markets sell everything you need at a fraction of the price of a restaurant. And as a bonus you’ll learn how to coo

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