What's the best way to get around in Taiwan?

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The best way to get around Taipei is by the MRT or you can take bus around the town. You can ride either as much as you want once your purchase an All Pass.

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The Monthly Pass “All Pass Ticket,” granting user access to Taipei’s MRT, public bus, and YouBike systems, is available starting April 16. For NT$1,280, commuters can travel on Taipei’s transportation freely for a duration of 30 days!To purchase the All Pass, simply bring a standard EasyCard, Co-branded EasyCard, or Debit EasyCard (for cards with expiration dates, the remaining duration must be longer than 60 days) to ticket vending/add-value machines or the information counter at MRT stations. Once you’ve purchased the All Pass, you can activate the card at the fare gate in MRT stations or via the EasyCard readers when taking public buses. (WARNING: The All Pass cannot be activated at YouBike stations.)Customers who bought All Pass are reminded to activate their pass within 30 days of purchase through any of the aforementioned ways. All Pass which failed to be activated within 30 days of purchase cannot be activated and customers will need to apply for refund (handling fee will be charged) and repurchase the pass.For holders of multiple EasyCards who isn’t sure which one was used for the All Pass purchase, please visit the nearest MRT station to utilize the fare query machines or ask station personnel for assistance.To refund an activated All Pass, bring the card (must be within the 30-day validity period) to the information counter at MRT stations. The handling fee for refund is NT$20. Additional fee will be charged for the number of days the All Pass has been used (NT$180 for the first day of use, and NT$130 for each consecutive day). After deduction, the remaining funds will be returned to the customer’s EasyCard wallet. If the deduction exceeds the price of All Pass, no refund will be made. Cash refund will not be available.

Image result for taipei train mapExample: Tom bought an All Pass and activated the card on June 10. He requested a refund on June 15, after 6 days of use. He will receive NT$430 in refund. [Calculation: NT$1280 – $180 (Day 1) – $130 x 5 days (from June 2 through 6) – $20 (handling fee)].The city government reminds customers who purchase the monthly pass to visit EasyCard Corporation to upgrade the EasyCard he or she used for the All Pass into a name-registered EasyCard. In the case of lost or theft, card holders can call the EasyCard Corporation Hotline (TEL: 02-412-8880) to block and replace the All Pass linked to the name-registered EasyCard (contact the respective issuing banks if you lost a Co-branded EasyCard). The service is not available for All Pass linked to non-name-registered cards or non-name-registered Co-branded EasyCards.

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For All Pass card holder who needs to hire YouBike, the specific EasyCard used for the All Pass must be added to the list of EasyCards under the card holder’s EasyBike account to activate the card. This step is necessary to take advantage of the 30-minute free rental for YouBike.The All Pass can only be used by a single user per trip. After the expiration date, the card holder can either (1) purchase the pass again at a later date, or (2) purchase the pass at the add-value machine or information counter at any MRT Station starting 10 days before the expiration date to ensure uninterrupted service. After the expiration date of the All Pass, the EasyCard reverts to a standard EasyCard with all fare and purchase deduction conducted accordingly.For more information, please call the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline of TRTC (TEL: 02-218-12345) or the 1999 Citizen Hotline. Details are also available on the Chinese website of TRTC (https://www.metro.taipei/)

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In the big cities, there are clean and fast subway systems that take you down all the main arteries. Taipei has an excellent metro (MRT) and that means you'll never need to rent a car or take many taxis. The FUN way to get around will be on scooter or bicycle. Taipei is a compact city so getting around by renting a Youbike (city bike) is absolutely the best way to see the city in a way that gives you full immersion to the sites, smells, and fill on vibe of Taipei. You also DO NOT want to be caught in the subway during rush hour where you'll be packed like sardines.

Outside of Taipei, in Taichung and Kaoshiung, I highly recommend renting a motor scooter and getting around just like the locals do. It's a lot of fun and not as dangerous as you think as long as you keep an eye open for cars and other scooters. The food delivery scooters are particularly careless as they try to fit in as many deliveries per day as possible to make more money. Old ladies on bicycles can be a threat too, so keep scanning the road at all times.

Getting to and from the different cities in Taiwan is a breeze with the high-speed rail that takes you up and down the island at speeds up to 200km/hour. That means Taipei to Kaoshiung in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Taiwan is really one of the best cities in the world for transportation. They've figured out how to make it as painless and efficient as possible without cutting into your travel budget too much.

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