How can I get my first clients as a freelance writer?

I'm living in Taiwan and working as an English teacher. I want to transition to freelance writing full time. How did freelance writers here on Journeyfoxx get your first clients?

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My story is a bit unusual. I didn't have a straight line from teacher, to marketing job, to freelancer. I went more in a zig zag and ended up as a freelancer in March 2020, thanks to Covid when I got fired from my full time job at a newly launched branding agency.

I used to work as a teacher in Kaohsiung, Taiwan during my MBA studies. When I graduated with my MBA, it was easy to get a low level marketing job in Taipei. I worked for D-Link writing their product user manuals.

Writing user manuals for Wi-Fi routers wasn't the sexiest job, but it led to a promotion to public relations assistant project manager. This is where I learned how to write the way that companies need. I wrote press releases, case studies, blog posts, social media posts, and even ghost writing emails from the CEO to worldwide staff.

This was the kind of training that set me apart from other freelancers looking to get started writing for clients.

Most clients are other businesses and they need a variety of marketing copy to get their brand and product messages across. If you can learn what the main writing deliverables and their specific writing styles, you will become valuable to any company. It's hard to imagine a company that doesn't need a good writer.

There are dozens of things that need to get written, and busy people don't have time. I learned how to write a product press release by studying Apple's press releases. I read dozens of press releases they published, which are all available online. I copied the style and applied it to D-Link. If you can learn how to copy the best, you can be a valuable asset to any company.

Now i manage a team of writers and handle a large volume of writing projects for several clients in the technology sector. I've niched down to focus on PC companies, small to medium sized tech companies, and startups. This lets me command a higher price for my writing services. I currently only do editing and outsource all writing projects to a select group of excellent writers.

Anyone can do what I did in a few simple steps. I said "simple" not "easy". You'll still need to work hard before you can quit your day job.

  1. First, start writing for fun and publishing stories on your blog
  2. Join Facebook groups, LINE groups, Slack groups, or any other chat groups where marketers or founders gather to network
  3. Mention that you're a freelance writer and post one of your best blog posts, particularly a post that helps this group of people in some way
  4. Now sit and wait for someone to send you a direct message. Don't charge too much for your early jobs, just build your portfolio
  5. Wash, rinse and repeat. Expand your network, expand your portfolio, and conquer new business while raising your rates.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have questions or need some pointers. I love to help out! I'm currently running helping tech companies with marketing, branding and SEO.

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