How do I start teaching English abroad?

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There are dozens of great websites for job seekers looking to teach English abroad. Asia is probably your best bet. The demand for English is incredible and you'll have dozens of countries to choose from.

First think about what country you'd like to teach in. China is a good place to get a high salary and a fish out of water experience. Just prepare for a different kind of lifestyle than what you're used to back home.

Japan is more competitive, usually you'll need some experience and a TEFL certificate.

I chose Taiwan to settle because it offers a nice balance between comfort, cost of living, culture shock, and weather. Plus, I wanted to learn Mandarin.

But when I started out as a teacher in 2006, I went to China. I didn't know what I was doing and I was pretty scared about the idea of being an English teacher. I got a job offer in Qingdao in the north, at a private school straight out of college. When I started work I didn't get much training. But I realized that kids have short attention spans so I better make the class entertaining.

Being a teacher in Asia is all about keeping the kids happy, almost tricking them into learning. If they think the class is boring they will complain to their parents and that's no good for you as a teacher. If you play games, sing songs, draw pictures and make learning fun, the kids will learn faster and you'll have a fun time teaching as well.

To be qualified to teach, you'll need a college degree in most cases but don't let that deter you. If you're brave enough to land in a foreign country without a job, you're more likely to score several interviews and a teaching job -- even if you don't have a degree. Just show your bright personality and professionalism during the teaching demo.

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