Did Trump ban travel from China?

I'm planning a trip and wondering if the border is still closed to foreigners.

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1 Answer

According to this article, the Trump administrationordered a suspension of flights on Wednesday from China to the United States as tensions escalate between the two countries over thecoronavirusandHong Kong.

The order takes effect June 16and stems from Beijing's refusal to allow U.S. carriers to resume flying to China. Four Chinese airlines currently fly to China from the U.S.: Air China, China Eastern, China Southern and Xiamen.

President Donald Trump imposedtravel restrictions on China on Jan. 31as the coronavirus began to spread early this year. His decision came after Delta, American and United and other major international carriers hadstopped flying to Chinabecause of the outbreak.

In early January, U.S. and Chinese carriers operated 325 scheduled flights a week between the two countries. By mid-February, four Chinese airlines operated 20 flights per week. In mid-March, the Chinese carriers increased their weekly flights to 34.

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