What's going on with Taiwan and the coronavirus?

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Taiwan Virus Report, April 11, 2020

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center announced today that there are three new cases of COVID-19 in Taiwan, all of which have come from abroad. They are two men in their 60s (case 383), a man in his 70s (case 384) and a woman in her 20s (case 385).

The command center said that case 383 and case 384 were found through airport inspections, of which case 383 had been working in the United States for a long time. OnMarch 31he showed symptoms of an upset stomach, loss of appetite, and fever. While still in the United States, he had a cough, with further symptoms appearing on April 3.Both of them entered the country on April 10. They reported the symptoms on their own and were notified by the airport's inspection report today.

Case 385, the woman in her 20s, went to school in France. After entering the Taiwan on April 3, she underwent home quarantine. On April 4, she developed symptoms of a runny nose and nasal congestion. She developed a fever on April 7. On that day, the health unit arranged medical examination and was diagnosed today.

The Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center said that there were 1,576 new coronavirus alerts reported yesterday (April,10). As of now, there are a total of 45,436 cases reported, with 40,393 cases excluded, of which 385 cases were diagnosed (three new cases added today). 331 cases came from overseas and 54 cases spread locally. Out of confirmed cases,there have been six deaths, with 99 released from quarantine, and the remainder kept in hospital in isolation.A total of 367 people from Hubei (Wuhan's province) returned to Taiwan on scheduled flights on March 29 and 30, and continue to be closely monitored at the Central Quarantine.

The command center pointed out that a total of 1,640,016 cases were diagnosed globally and distributed among 184 countries; the number of cases was 496,535 in the United States, 157,022 in Spain, 147,577 in Italy, 113,525 in Germany and 90,676 in France; with 101,578 deaths. There were 18,849 cases in Italy, 18,586 cases in the United States, 15,843 cases in Spain, 13,197 cases in France and 8,958 cases in the United Kingdom.

  • The command center reminded again that the public should practice hand washing and hygiene, and cough etiquette.When entering the country from abroad, if you have a fever, cough and other symptoms, you should take the initiative to notify the airport and port quarantine personnel and cooperate with the epidemic prevention measures; after returning home, you should implement a 14-day home quarantine. If you suspect any symptoms, please contact the health bureau or county and follow the instructions to seek medical treatment. Do not take public transportation when visiting the doctor, and be sure to inform the doctor about your travel history, occupation, contact history for timely diagnosis and notification.

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    March 27, from Yahoo Taiwan News

    The Central Epidemic Command Center said today that there are 15 new cases of novel coronavirus reported today in Taiwan, all coming from those returning from overseas. Most of these cases came from the United States and the UK. In Taiwan there have been a total of 267 confirmed cases, of which 227 were overseas returnees, and 40 were local cases. Of the confirmed cases, 2 died and 30 were released.

    Of these new cases, there were six women and nine men. Their entry date was from March 15 to 25, and the onset date is from March 8 to 25. From these cases, seven came from returnees from the United States and six from returnees of the United Kingdom. The purpose of their travel was mostly work (8 cases) or school (5 cases).

    Chen Shizhong said that today's new cases include three cluster events. Case 254 went to the United States to attend school in August (2019), and visited friends who were studying in the US from March 5 to 19 (case 218, March 17 onset), case 254 on March 20. The onset of the viruswas reported by the airport on March 24 upon entry, and the diagnosis was confirmed today.

    The command center further stated that case 257 and 258 were studying in the same school in the United Kingdom. Case 257 developed symptoms on March 12 and was notified by the airport when it entered on March 24. Case 258 was quarantined at home after entering the country on March 22. After the onset of March 23, the health unit arranged for medical examinations, and both were diagnosed today.

    The command center pointed out that cases 264 and 267 were a couple, who visited the UK from March 8 to 25. Both of them became ill on March 20 and 23, and were notified by the airport when they entered on March 25.

    The Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center said today (3/27) that there were 994 new coronavirus related notifications in Taiwan yesterday (3/26). So far, there have been 28,507 notifications (including 25,449 cases excluded), of which 267 cases were confirmed (new cases today bring confirmed cases from 253 to 267), of which 227 cases came from overseas returnees and 40 of them being local cases. Of the confirmed cases, two have died and 30 were released from quarantine. The rest are in stable condition and continued to be hospitalized and quarantined.

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    According to the Central Epidemic Outbreak Command Center (CECC) as of March 26, a total of 252 people have been diagnosed in Taiwan, with 29 lifted from quarantine.

    The CECC said today that there were 873 notifications of the new coronavirus yesterday (3/25). And out of a total of 27,532 notifications (including 24,647 exclusions), a total 252 cases were confirmed on the island. Out of these confirmed cases, 212 came from overseas travelers and 40 cases spread locally. Of these confirmed cases, two died and 29 were released from quarantine. The rest are in stable condition and continued to be hospitalized and quarantined. Translation from LINE news.

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