How is Taiwan able to beat the Corona virus while Western countries can't?

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Taiwan has done a number of things to ensure that the Coronavirus doesn't get out of control and it's quite impressive to be here watching it happen.

There have been less than 100 cases as of Wednesday this week (4/19/2020) and international news is going wild reporting on this underdog story. It's really something Hollywood can't even make up. Taiwan -- the non-country that isn't allowed to join the World Health Organization thanks to China's bullying, has one of the lowest COVID-19 infection rates in the world.

Being here in Taipei, it's not hard to see why. Most people are walking around ultra-dense Taipei city wearing masks. Plus, everywhere I go, coffee shops, the gym, the bar where I DJ, somebody stops me to take my temperature before I walk through the door.

Local people have a habit of wearing surgical masks when feeling under the weather, without all the ogling and racist beat-downs. The government has set up a number (1922) you can call if you're suspecting that you might've been infected, in which case you can talk to a medical professional who might recommend visiting the doctor right away, or just chilling out.

Democracy and transparency might be the underlying reason for Taiwan's success. I've read articles that talk about Taiwan's bottom-to-top governance structure, meaning that those who are far detached from the government bureaucracy still have an important say in how the government handles the emergency. Doctors are not likely to get told to shut up or even face jail time for reporting early cases. In fact, after the first SARS scare in early 2000s, the population is extremely cautious.

There are plenty of takeaways that the West can learn from Taiwan's handling of the pandemic. It will forever go down as a model and important history lesson for other countries to follow, WHO be dammed.

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