Are internet cafes still popular in Taiwan?

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When I first came to Taiwan as a student in 2010, a couple of friends and I loved to hang out at the internet cafes and play StarCraft II all night. They were magical places where you could sit at a computer, order a way too sweet tea, and play video games and talk shit all night. Unlike some of the net cafes I've been to around Asia, in Taiwan they are clean, well lit, and generally pleasant places to hang out at. There's no smell of cigarette smoke like in China, and the PCs were new with huge screens.

When I moved to Taipei city, I discovered high-end internet cafes that were almost like cool office spaces in silicon valley. This platform was half built in one of them! They have booths where you and your friends can hang out together and have a team meeting, watch a movie, go on a date, or build a social media platform.

In Taipei and many crowded Asian cities, people live in tiny rooms, seemingly on top of each other. Coming to a net cafe, especially a nice one is a welcome respite where you can get away from your small room, whether you come alone or friends. Before smartphones and Wifi, I can imagine these places were wildly popular and contributed to sky-high rate of internet addiction in Asia.Image result for qtime taipei

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