When I was in Korea and Japan I noticed that cherry blossoms bloom every spring. Are there any cherry blossoms here in Taiwan?

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This is from the 2020 Taiwan Cherry Blossom Guide:

Cherry blossom season in Taiwan starts in late January, a whole two months earlier than Japan’s! They can last all the way to April, depending on the variety of the cherry. The best part is that you don’t have to spend as much on your flight tickets, hotel, and you get to enjoy the cool weather as well.

If you haven’t heard of Taiwan as a cherry blossom viewing destination, you’re in a for a treat. Read on to check out our Taiwan cherry blossom guide picks on the best locations to view the cherry blossoms!

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1. Yangmingshan National Park, TaipeiYangmingshan National Park, Taipei Taiwan Cherry Blossoms Guide 2020

This famous park is well-known for it’s cherry blossom blooms. It has to be one of the most popular spots in Taiwan to enjoy the view! There are more than just cherry trees there – you’ll get to see camellias, azaleas, peonies, and more.

Yangmingshan Flower Festival (Jan 2020 – May 2020)

Cherry Blossom Forecast Date:20 Feb 2020 to 20 Mar 2020Expected Full Bloom:24 Feb 2020

2. Wuji Tianyuan Temple, New Taipei CityWuji Tianyuan Temple, New Taipei City Cherry blossom 2020

The Wuji Tianyuan Temple is a five-storey, 60-metre tall “Temple of Heaven. It’s surrounded by tons of cherry trees during sakura season. The temple is only a short 30-minute bus ride from Tamsui MRT station – so convenient!

Cherry Blossom Forecast Date: 10 Mar to 30 Mar 2020Expected Full Bloom:14 Mar 2020

3. Sun Moon LakeSun Moon Lake sakura

Located in Nantou, Sun Moon Lake is the most famous lake in Taiwan. There you’ll get to see some of the most incredible views of the cherry blossoms.

Want to explore the area? The best way is to get on theropeway and a ride on a boat! You can also cycle around the area withrented bikes. We recommend you to get apass for unlimited boat rides, bike rentals, and ropeway ticketsas it’s the most value for money!

The 2,000 over cherry trees around Sun Moon Lake are pink and always look like they’re glistening because of dew or raindrops.

Cherry Blossom Forecast Date: 5 Mar to 20 Mar 2020Expected Full Bloom:7 Mar 2020

4. Alishan Scenic Area and RailwayAlishan Scenic Area and Railway sakura in Taiwan

If you’re looking for a Taiwanhanamiexperience, a great pick isAlishan Mountain. Yoshino cherry trees, or the Japanese cherry variety, are planted along the train tracks found at Alishan Mountain. If you’re lucky, you can even catch the iconic red forest railway train pass by!

You can explore the famous Alishan National Forest Recreation Areawith aone day tourthat covers a large part of the mountain.

Cherry Blossom Forecast Date: 1 Mar to 1 Apr 2020Expected Full Bloom:15 Mar 2020

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