Should I worry about the coronavirus in Taiwan?

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Most people in Taiwan are wearing masks because the news media is pumping out endless clickbait and bad news about the coronavirus. The fact is China people can't really get to Taiwan without all the red tape. So that means we don't really need to worry about it here in Taiwan, except for those Taiwanese who work in Wuhan and have evacuated to Taiwan.

The news media have got everyone absolutely terrified about taking the MRT and riding the bus. Masks are sold out and sick people can't even get them now. There was a long line of people waiting outside the Watsons this morning looking to buy probably jumbo packs of masks.

Then yesterday the Taiwan government shared a social post saying healthy citizens need not wear a mask anymore, and for everyone to commadafug down!

The masks have even become a fashion icon. Girls on my Instagram feed are posting selfies of themselves happily wearing masks and cheesing.So it's been fascinating watching the reaction of the locals and media. It's a pity that Taiwan isn't part of the World Health Organization, so Taiwanese health officials aren't able to attend meetings. But the local government is doing a great job of preventing the spread of the virus, with only five cases reported as of February 4th, 2020.So take off your mask and show off that big white smile. There's nothing to worry about here.

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