What’s it like to travel to Vietnam during the Lunar new year?

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On January 22nd I went to Saigon for 6 days during the Tet Holiday. Three days into the trip, an old friend from Nashville flew in from China to escape the chaos relating to the flu. We spent the days roaming around the city, eating, and drinking beer on the hotel's rooftop pool. I first went to Saigon back in 2010, but now it reminds me of Shanghai from 2007 when I lived there.

There were cranes and construction and road blocks, but not much movement because the city was asleep for the Tet Holiday, which coincides with the Chinese new year in Taiwan. Food and hotels are still very cheap, and I think I spent $500 for the whole trip. I enjoyed the trip, the french buildings, the strong and sweet coffee and the food. I chatted with the locals and met a few European tourists.

I found some nice walking streets, villas with gardens, and a rooftop bar where we watched a 20 minute fireworks show for the Tet holiday. But the city has become more commercial than I remembered and that takes away from the charm. I prefer North Vietnam, Hanoi, Halong Bay, and the small towns along the coast, and would love to visit North Vietnam again.Old world charmThe Pink ChurchThe view from the rooftop pool, downtown SaigonBeautiful traditional dressesLife is chill in SaigonLove the coffee, sweet and strongLife is good

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