So we’ve all heard that news that the NIA (National Immigration Agency) now provides a 6-month grace period for white collar workers finishing their contracts and seeking new jobs.

My questions:

• For white collar workers; is this ARC extension only for people who finish their contracts? Or is it available to people who also voluntarily leave their jobs?

• Has anybody on this forum been through this procedure yet? Is it troublesome?

• How long does it take?

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2 Answers

I did this not so long ago. It took about 20 minutes.I also had to fill out a visa extension application, and give them a recent passport sized photo along with 1000 Taiwan dollars.They took a copy of my passport. I gave them a letter explaining why I left my previous job, and that I was looking for another job. They needed to see my old arc, but they gave it right back to me. I guess it was because It hadn't expired yet. It took them about two weeks to get the new 6 month arc ready.

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The NIA asks for:

1 colour passport photoThe NIA’s multipurpose application form, completely filled outA letter explaining why you want the extention, (travel for example)A leaving job certificate (離職證明書)$1,000 NTDCurrent ARC (to be converted).

They need your passport, but they did not need a photocopy of it. They definitely will take your old ARC so be prepared for that. Also, they will not start processing your application until they have the above mentioned certificateandyour final day on the job has transpired. So if your official last day (as per the certificate) they will not start processing your application until after your official last day.

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