Where can I get a debit card in Taiwan?

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Just thought I’d throw out a list of various bank’s debit card options for foreigners. Will do one for credit cards as well shortly. This was from just a few years ago so the info should be pretty much the same. If you have trouble getting a debit card, feel free to PM me for assistance. Also, I do not hold all the cards I am aware about. I just happen to know the banks idiosyncrasies quite well. And yes they can be quite inconsistent from branch to branch. Generally they all require an ARC. Having a record of ID usually nets you a bog standard ATM card. If you get rejected either try another branch of the same bank or INSIST that they call someone to check the rules.

As someone pointed out, you need to ensure that the international withdrawals are activated and a 4 digit PIN is set. Most banks do that automatically. However take a few cards with you as often they will fail to work when you need them the most overseas.

Bank of Taiwan. YES

From the website “VISA DEBIT CARD is also available as an convenient choice. As long as you are (1) aged 15 or over, (2) Possess ID card or ARC of Taiwan, and (3) have an account with us It can be used for any merchant which accepts VISA cards, and using it as credit card: sign and authorize payment, then the payment will be debited from your account”

Taiwan Cooperative - YES no problemFirst Bank - YES no problemHuanan - YESChinaTrust - YES

Changhua Bank - from the website - YES“Foreign nationals may apply for Debit Cards to our branches with IDs and secondary certificates (e.g. health insurance card, passport, driver’s license or student’s ID card, etc.). Please contact our 24-hour customer service hotline (02-412-2222 or 0800-365-889) for questions or comments.”

Fubon Bank- YESCathay- YESUnion Bank - YES

Taishin Bank - YESE.Sun Bank - YES but it’s a Mastercard Debit

Sinopac - YES but it’s a Mastercard Debit. Bring ARC + another ID

Shanghai Savings Bank - YES - from website" The SCSB debit card application criteria are as follows:

Primary cardholders’ age should be 15 and above, who shall hold SCSB deposit account. After opening deposit account, cardholders receive debit card immediately"

MEGA - YES absolutelyI see many posts saying that MEGA denied them a debit card. This is wrong. I have one in my hand now. And yes it works for overseas purchases.From the website“凡是兆豐銀行各地分行活期性存款戶,均得持身分證(如存戶為外籍人士則需提供護照及載有內政部警政署配賦之統一證號之其他身分證明文件或其他經中華民國政府核發得證明有效居留本國之相關證件方得辦理)及原留印鑑親自向原開戶分行申請”Roughly translated it means you just need your passport and ARC and a deposit account with them. If denied call (02)8982-0000

Taiwan Business Bank -YES

Taichung Commercial Bank - NO. They will not give debit cards to foreigners even though they have one. In addition, they will not allow you to receive money if you are out of the country into your TWD account. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

HSBC - Yes. They have a free account as well with no min balance

SHINKONG - Appears like NO. The website says “natural people” so Taiwanese over 7 years old can get one. It doesn’t mention foreigners just says 七歲以上自然人, They only gave me an ATM card as well with no visa/mc debit function.

Taipei Star Bank, Sunny Bank, Panhsin Bank, Cota Bank, Hwatai Bank, FarEast Bank, Yuanta Bank KGI, DBS, Jih Sun, EnTie, and Bank of Kaohsiung- NO because they don’t have VISA Debit cards at the last time I checked. They will issue a standard ATM card.

Citibank and Standard Chartered never used to have debit cards. I’m not sure if that’s changed. I might have missed a bank or two. If you see any errors, let me know in this thread and I’ll look into it.

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