What’s it like to live in Bangkok as an expat?

I’m curious about the general quality of life, how you deal with traffic jams, the expat community, and more.

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Bangkok in a general sense is a "work centric city" in my own opinion. I particularly enjoy living here for the access to opportunities it presents as a student. I seem to always meet interesting people that open new doors to life constantly -in large ways. I find BKK takes a serious side of the working world, whereas I always truly wish I could escape North (Chiangmai) for the relaxing daily life...in the north, personal growth at my stage in life can be hindered in terms of opportunity I feel.

One thing BKK for sure has is night life as most know. In regards to DJ and gigging ... the city is absolutely fantastic. A simple chat with any of the owners usually leads somewhere quickly. Everything from small art bars/ mixed environment club and bar settings etc. I personally live a bit far from the main city so don't go out much ! I have played a couple gigs in the city (BEAM club/ GOJA art Bar/ De Commune/ The overstay hostel). Most of the really cool art community resides around "Thonglor" and I have heard this is cool area to be around. The expat community of Chiang Mai is certainly another spectrum than BKK. I personally love the north--- as the melting pot is much smaller. But the people I have met in BKK can be a lot more serious in terms of business and this has its own growth/ benefits.

It does help tremendously to have some Thai language in your skill belt. I can't stress how much learning the language has helped particularly in my daily life and dealing with situations. In the city you have a simple BTS (sky Train) line, MRT (metro), taxi, bus , tuktuk, and motorbike - the most important for getting around fast and beating the traffic. By balancing these traffic elements you can usually get somewhere in convenience.

I truly love being in BKK for some of the general Thailand living reasons (cheap food/ culture is very relaxed and people keep to themselves....as I'm very independent/ I am always discovering something about the culture in a simple way..........to elaborate sometimes cultural differences in Vietnam can really leave me confused....whereas Thailand's is somewhat graspable).

I feel it's quite easy as an open-minded expat to form a simple life in this city and quickly it will become more complex- in typically pleasant ways.

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Thanks for the awesome insight. I planned to move this year but thanks to Covid, I remain in Taiwan indefinitely. Keep up with the gigging!

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