How can I make money while traveling?

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A great way to make money while traveling is to teach online.$3810 in 44 days. (Complete Palfish Info and FAQ page)

1.What is Palfish ?

A phone and tablet app where you teach chinese people and kids english. ''Freetalk'' lessons are for adults. ''Official Kids Course'' is to teach kids.

2. How can become a teacher ?

You need to have a passport from the US ,Canada , New Zealand , United Kingdom, Ireland or Australia. If you have really good English but have a passport from a different country you can still try to apply but your chances are low.

3. Do I need a Bachelor's degree or a Certificate, or do I need a lot of experience teaching ?

You don't need a bachelors but you need to be in college (Even if you aren't you may still get accepted,depends on how good you are). A certificate will be helpful no need for an expensive one. No you do not need experience but you need to get along with kids and have some idea on how to teach kids.

4. How much do they pay you $$$, how many hours can I work a month ?

I made $3810 in 44 days.

For the adult classes you set your own per minute rate. For the kids course there is a level system where every lesson you give to a kid you earn 5 points. RMB (yuan is the currency of china), they will pay you in yuan but i will give the numbers in USD for you to understand. Each kids lesson is 25 minutes long. In 1 hour you can do 2 lessons.

Lvl 1) 0 points and $8 (55 yuan) per 25 min lesson. $16/Hr

Lvl 2) 300 points $8.7 (60 yuan) per 25 minute lesson. $17.4/Hr

Lvl 3) 700 points $9.5 (65 yuan) per 25 min. $19/Hr

Lvl 4) 1100 points $10.1 (70 yuan) per 25 min $20.2/Hr

Lvl 5) 1500 points $10.9 (75 yuan) per 25 min. $21.8/Hr

The more you work the more you get paid. I can open 10 hours in my schedule and all of them will be full, but that's too much work for me

5. How do I teach, how long are the lessons, Is there a minimum weekly work hour requırement ?

No minimum weekly requirements at all. It's the best platform if you want to be free. I'm serious I've worked with sayabc and dada.

As an official kids course teacher you can use any android, ios phone or tablet that supports the app. You CANNOT use a computer or macbook to teach.

The application has all of the material in itself you just show up to the lesson on time and finish the material.

6. Do I need to have super high energy or act like a clown when teaching ?

Definitely not. The parents are not looking for clowns. They are looking for people who are able to teach their kids new words and etc. As long as you make the kid learn something you're golden.. Any bonuses ?

Every time you sign up a trail student to Palfish, you will get a $30 bonus. Instantly.

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