What is Journeyfoxx all about?

Why do we need another Q&A website?

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We started Journeyfoxx from a desire to get off the beaten path and have more authentic travel experiences. We wanted to change the way we travel by learning and sharing information about destinations through a knowledge sharing question-and-answer platform. It’s for asking and sharing information and experiences on travel, cultures, geography, local customers, oddities, warnings, and more.

Journeyfoxx is a place that feels like hanging out at a travelers pub that might be down an alley, in a small town in the mountains of central Mexico, or Northern Thailand, or the European Eastern Bloc. A place with a handwritten sign, a creaky old door, a couple of long wooden tables, and ice-cold beer on the cheap. The music is in the local language and the bartender welcomes with broken English and smile.

It’s one part question-and-answer platform and one part community for both novice and experienced travelers. It’s for all of us who realize the world is too big to stay in one place for very long, and for those who have stories they’ve never told anyone because no one would believe them -- stories that could help the next girl or guy passing through that part of the world.

Both travelers and those who haven’t left home yet can come here and feel at ease, asking about or sharing the visceral experiences on the road, the terrifying stories of stone-faced immigration officials, or paying off the local police, and motorbike mishaps. And the wonderful moments too, of overlooking a stunning waterfall, unexpected friendships with the locals, and the other reasons that make travel worthwhile. Journeyfoxx is a place where members share beyond what’s in the guidebooks written to play it safe to sell more copies. It’s a place beyond travel blogs driven by free hotel stays and meals for positive articles and reviews.

Journeyfoxx is a place to learn what’s behind the culture shock, the recent history of a country, city, or town, the ever-changing visa laws, and the possibility of a long-term stay. It's a place to connect with other curious travelers like you, who have been there and done that, and most importantly, its place to learn how travel lets you live your life by your own rules, and not the rules set by your parents, your teachers, or society.

If you’re reading this then welcome! You’re one of the very first members. I invite you to come in, take off your shoes, and make yourself at home. I also challenge you to post your various travel and culture questions, direct them to the users who know best how to answer them, and by doing so, help turn Journeyfoxx into the most important travel community on the web, and in the world.

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