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Where to get a taco in Taipei?

Whatever you do, don't go to Twinkiez.


So we’ve all heard that news that the NIA (National Immigration Agency) now provides a 6-month grace period for white collar workers finishing their contracts and seeking new jobs.

My questions:

• For white collar workers; is this ARC extension only for people who finish their contracts? Or is it available to people who also voluntarily leave their jobs?

• Has anybody on this forum been through this procedure yet? Is it troublesome?

• How...(more)

Just thought I’d throw out a list of various bank’s debit card options for foreigners. Will do one for credit cards as well shortly. This was from just a few years ago so the info should be pretty much the same. If you have trouble getting a debit card, feel free to PM me for...(more)

My advice is first read Michael's advice here to find out where the job posts are and how to get invited to the interview once you're in Asia. In Chiangmai, Thailand where...(more)