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When I came to Taiwan in 2010, internet cafes were much more popular than they are today.They are called 網卡 (Wang Ka) in Chinese and are basically places for guys and girls to play multiplayer PC games all night long while eating instant noodles and getting wired on sugary...(more)

When you are planning to work in Taiwan, you must get a Taiwan Alien workers medical exam at a certified Taiwan hospital and submit it as part of your ARC (alien resident card)(more)

I've found the best way to meet local people in Taiwan is to smile and chat with them, everywhere you go. Most Taiwanese people have been studying English since grade school and can chat about most basic topics, with a large percentage of them being fully fluent in English from studying or...(more)

In the big cities, there are clean and fast subway systems that take you down all the main arteries. Taipei has an excellent metro (MRT) and that means you'll never need to rent a car or take many taxis. The FUN way to get around will be on scooter or bicycle. Taipei is a compact city so getting...(more)

Police: 110

Ambulance: 119