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Many of the larger banks in Taiwan offer you the ability to buy foreign funds, but you must first have an account at the bank in the currency of the fund you want to buy. So, for example, if you have an NTD account at your bank and you want to buy a Vanguard index, you’d need a USD account to...(more)


How do Taiwanese people generally view foreigners?

In such a homogenous country, I'm curious if Taiwanese generally welcome foreigners or treat them with indifference, more or less like in Japan.

Drinking culture in China is omnipresent in the daily life, during the dinners at home with friends or family, celebrations, holidays, casual get together, nights out on the town, business meeting and that, for a long time. Drinking culture in China is quite different from the drinking...(more)

Unlike many expats, it wasn't love at first site with Taiwan when I arrived in 2010 as a full time Mandarin language student. I'd been living in Shanghai, so arriving in Taiwan came with me plenty of culture shock.People looked at me funny whenI was used mainland Chinese terms...(more)