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Make sure you have some great pics. Club promoters in Asia want a face they can display on billboards, posters, social media banners, ads, and other places where they do marketing. Your high res pics might get you more gigs than your DJ mix.

Connect with clubs and promoters on social media....(more)

This depends on whether you’re looking for a full on adventure in Asia, or a relaxing place to live, work, and save money. I’ve spent two years teaching in China, first in Qingdao and then in Shanghai. As a 21 year old college graduate, it was a shock to my system when I landed in...(more)

The tired cliche of “It’s whatever you make of it” stands true for english teachers abroad. Some teachers relish the relaxing lifestyle of living on a tropical southeast asian island, chilling on beaches drinking banana shakes and teaching English three to four hours a day...(more)