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How can I get my first clients as a freelance writer?

I'm living in Taiwan and working as an English teacher. I want to transition to freelance writing full time. How did freelance writers here on Journeyfoxx get your first clients?


What do Taiwanese parents think about Taiwanese dating with foreigners?

Something I've been wondering about since I've heard that most Taiwanese parents don't approve of their children dating with foreigners.

The NIA asks for:

1 colour passport photoThe NIA’s multipurpose application form, completely filled outA letter explaining why you want the extention, (travel for example)A leaving job certificate (離職證明書)$1,000 NTDCurrent ARC (to be...(more)

Taipei isn’t crazy big... it’s sprawling particularly if you include new Taipei all the way out tamsui, but in terms of population it’s small compared to other cities like shanghai or NYC.

However, it’s a fantastic city with wonderful people. There are loads of...(more)


What is Journeyfoxx all about?

Why do we need another Q&A website?

What is the average teaching in Taiwan salary?

If you stay up at night wondering “How much do teachers get paid in Taiwan?” prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep. On average, teaching English in Taiwan can earn you between $2000 to $2400 at public schools and $1400 to...(more)