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My story is a bit unusual. I didn't have a straight line from teacher, to marketing job, to freelancer. I went more in a zig zag and ended up as a freelancer in March 2020, thanks to Covid when I got fired from my full time job at a newly launched branding agency.

I used to work as a...(more)

If you qualify, you can apply for the Taiwan Gold Card visa, usually from one to three years. However recently application rules have changed. Based on my reading of the updates promulgated Feb 8th, applying based on the "Economic" or salary requirement of USD $6000 is no longer possible. Now you...(more)

Michael here. I've been a DJ in Taiwan for ten years. Working as a DJ in Taiwan is all about who you know! DJs are protective of their territories and mindful that another DJ can sweep in and take their job if they're not careful. But we are also a friendly and tight-knit group, with an us...(more)

As I understand the only way an American, or any foreigner for that matter can enter Taiwan now as of November 23, 2020, is if they’re hired from abroad and sent a work permit. Then they would need to provide a negative covid test result.

The best way for a lot of Americans starting...(more)

To live in Taiwan during Covid is to live in the only country in the world that never went into lock down and where life goes on as usual.

Life in Taiwan during Covid is something we're taking for granted. Today marks 200 days since any local infection, and thats a track...(more)

There are dozens of great websites for job seekers looking to teach English abroad. Asia is probably your best bet. The demand for English is incredible and you'll have dozens of countries to choose from.

First think about what country you'd like to teach in. (more)

The way my buddy Pieter did it was just by applying to jobs on 104.com.tw. Use keywords like "full stack engineer", "back end engineer" or whatever coding language you're proficient in. Many larger companies won't mind if you can't...(more)

I live in Taipei, Taiwan, and last Friday I had a barbecue at my rooftop. About 25 friends turned out to gather in a tight space to grill, drink beer, and chill. Nobody was concerned about being infected by coronavirus, and nobody even wore masks.

Since the coronavirus...(more)

Being in Taiwan during the coronavirus is surreal, especially seeing all of the news out there about how well Taiwan is doing handling the virus. Somehow I can’t imagine a developed country where people aren’t taking the same steps Taiwan has.

These are things like having my temperature...(more)

Here is an article by Alan McIvor, Practice Leader at Paul Wright Group, that tells it better than anyone.

The topic of working in Taiwan as a foreigner is something I’ve spoken about on multiple occasions....(more)

According to the Central Epidemic Outbreak Command Center (CECC) as of March 26, a total of 252 people have been diagnosed in Taiwan, with 29 lifted from quarantine.


Taiwan has done a number of things to ensure that the Coronavirus doesn't get out of control and it's quite impressive to be here watching it happen.

There have been less than 100 cases as of Wednesday this week (4/19/2020) and international news is going wild reporting on this underdog...(more)

When I first came to Taiwan as a student in 2010, a couple of friends and I loved to hang out at the internet cafes and play StarCraft II all night. They were magical places where you could sit at a computer, order a way too sweet tea, and play video games and talk shit all night. Unlike some of...(more)

This is from the 2020 Taiwan Cherry Blossom Guide:

Cherry blossom season in Taiwan starts in...(more)

Most people in Taiwan are wearing masks because the news media is pumping out endless clickbait and bad news about the coronavirus. The fact is China people can't really get to Taiwan without all the red tape. So that means we don't really need to worry about it here in Taiwan, except for those...(more)

I've never seen a Lyft in Taiwan, but when Uber showed up about five years ago, it was a godsend. Taxi drivers in Taipei had really gotten complacent, never improving their service in the least bit.

Getting into a taxi in Taipei is to open the door and be greeted with a whiff of cigarette...(more)

I just went through this process and it wasn't fun. Actually it's not that difficult. You need to apply for the Vietnam tourist visa here, and upload your main passport page and a...(more)


Where are the best places to travel alone?

I always prefer traveling alone because I'm an impulsive and spontaneous traveler.

In 2010 I left China with a one-way ticket to Thailand. I had 10,000 USD in my pocket from working as an English teacher the previous year. I was a bit shell shocked from the intense year in Shanghai. So Thailand was the perfect getaway.

Over the course of the next six months I traveled...(more)


Between Hanoi and Saigon, Vietnam, what is a better place to live and work as an expat?

I traveled to Vietnam in 2010 and went up and down the whole country for a month. I loved the culture, the weather, and the scenery. I'm curious which major city has the higher quality of life for expats.


What's it like being a reporter in Taiwan?

What's a day in the life of a reporter in Taiwan like, what are the career prospects, and how do you get a job like that as an expat? Asking for a friend.


How to be a DJ in Asia?

I've been DJing in China and Taiwan for over ten years. I found there are incredible opportunities to DJ around Asia if you have some interpersonal skills, a cool look, and some decent DJ skills.

The key to getting DJ gigs in Asia is knowing the gatekeepers. These are the bar and club...(more)

Here are seven things that totally surprised me before I came to Taiwan, and keep me living here ten years later.

1. Taiwan is full of food you've never heard of

Especially in the night markets. For example "little sausage in a big sausage (大腸包小腸)" is a famous...(more)

One of my fears before moving to China back in 2006 was whether I’d make any friends. I was going alone, without knowing anyone there. I couldn’t speak a word of Chinese so it’s not like I could make friends with locals easily.


This is a typical studio apartment in Taipei city. As you can see there isn't a kitchen, or even a living room!Taipei is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Space is sold at a premium, and in a city where there's a 7-Eleven at every corner, street vendors, night markets,...(more)

Unless you are independently wealthy, getting a job is the key to your new life abroad. A full time job means you’ll be legally employed, receiving all the benefits of local workers in the foreign country, and ready to start establishing yourself. As an expat, your stability in a...(more)

These days you can get a one-week or longer sim card at the airport. It takes less than five minutes to get set up and gives you unlimited 4G data. I couldn't find an equivalent in the States the last time I went to NY city -- another reason why Taiwan is awesome. The 4G is super fast and if you...(more)

This is one of the best things about living in Taiwan. The healthcare system just works. Show up to any major hospital with your passport or ID, let them know you need a health check, and someone will bring you to the right counter or waiting room.

Note that since Covid, you'll be required...(more)

Taiwan has one of the highest population densities in the world. There are656 people per square kilometer. And there are more scooters in Taiwan than anywhere in the world. Cities are dense and everywhere is walkable, which makes it a no brainer for scooters (or mopeds as they are also...(more)

Among the young Taiwanese people that I've met, a big part of them have lived or studied abroad. Most of them come back to the island with a new sense of what it means to be "Taiwanese". They are exposed to things that they could never be exposed to in Taiwan, like the multiculturalism of places...(more)


What's the digital nomad community like in Chiang Mai?

I'm considering a move there but I had a bad experience in Koh Samui where I found the expat community to be quite closed and cliquish.


What are some off the beaten path destinations in Taipei?

My friends who are visiting for two weeks would like to explore areas of Taipei that are off the beaten path, those places that really give you a feel of what living in Taipei is all about. For example they really like walking around residential small alleyways. Any suggestions?


What’s it like to live in Bangkok as an expat?

I’m curious about the general quality of life, how you deal with traffic jams, the expat community, and more.

Ten Things That Will Shock You About Visiting China

Greetings from Beijing, China! Today we have the ten things that will shock tourists about Chinese culture. These things will be particularly shocking for Westerners in China for the first time....(more)

Firstly, indicating that you have learned or are in the process of learning Chinese can set you apart from other job applicants. Many industries find themselves saturated with job applicants who all have the same degree and want the same job. But what will set them apart and make them a...(more)

  • Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, and Southeast Asia take the top three seats for the most social networking users globally, with an accumulated 2.009 billion users.

  • Eastern Asia has the highest social media penetration rate at...(more)

  • I brought my belongings over on several trips before officially moving out here, others I know shipped everything but they arrived weeks before there belongings so you need to plan for that! Both properties I have lived in have been furnished, and IKEA has done the trick to make it feel homely. I...(more)

    We started Journeyfoxx from a desire to get off the beaten path and have more authentic travel experiences. We wanted to change the way we travel by learning and sharing information about destinations through a knowledge sharing question-and-answer platform. It’s for asking...(more)

    I took the minibuses when I was there. They were extremely fast and efficient but terrifying! The drivers try to make as many trips as possible in a day and constantly overtake trucks and other cars. Everyone on the minibus got a little black plastic bag upon getting on. I found out what it was...(more)

    Whenever I visit Bangkok, which used to be about once a year, I found the local people's English level to be good enough to have basic conversations, share a laugh, and somehow connect with people in a meaningful way.

    At a print shop, the owner chatted me up about Trump. That was back when...(more)

    According to the Thailand Trade and Economic Office's website, below are the countries that can get a Visa on Arrival (VOA) for 15 days, 30 days, and even 90 days (!). Not a bad deal if...(more)

    For North America and Eurozone countries, a 90-day visa on arrival is given right when you get off the airplane.

    Beyond that, to work in Taiwan you will need an "Alien Resident Card" or ARC granted to teachers and white-collar workers. This means you can come and go as you please, get...(more)