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If you're job choice is not industry specific, then I would consider language as the first factor when making your decision, and then cost of living as a close second. If you are interested in learning/using Mandarin Chinese, then avoid Hong Kong. You wont' get much of a chance to use it, and...(more)

This is actually a tough question to answer for me. Culture shock in Taiwan has been pretty minimal for me compared to other places where I have lived (Japan and Korea). But I'll begin with a few things that I had problems with initially.

Obviously, if you arrive in Taiwan as a Westerner...(more)

Your goals for your time in Taiwan should help you determine where you study Mandarin in Taiwan. The country offers plenty of public and private schools that offer very different learning environments. I've spent time at three different schools studying Chinese in Taiwan, and have heard plenty of...(more)

I worked for two years at a Taiwanese online newspaper. Even though my title was Reporter/Editor, the majority of my day to day work was spent translating local news published in Chinese into English (about 50%). Not strict translation, but mostly paraphrasing main points of the important...(more)