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If you work as an ESL teacher in Korea it's pretty legit.

Work usually starts at around 1pm, so you can sleep in.

The average salary is around 2,000$ a month, but housing is free. Food is super cheap. You can easily get a good meal at a mom and pop...(more)

I did this not so long ago. It took about 20 minutes.I also had to fill out a visa extension application, and give them a recent passport sized photo along with 1000 Taiwan dollars.They took a copy of my passport. I gave them a letter explaining why I left my previous job, and...(more)

It wouldn't be very hard to arrive on a 90 visa free entry stamp and volunteer on a farm or something like that. They would provide housing and food, but no visa or money.


The tax year in Taiwan runs from January to December. For the first six months (183 days) that you are in Taiwan, you will need to pay 18% tax on your earnings. This period of time is determined by the entry/exit stamps in your passport, and not your employment contract. You then file for...(more)

I know of a guy that has been here for quite some time. Let's just call him Mr. Ryan. He is a bit of a connoisseur on the subject. This is what he had to say:

When people in Taiwan say “foreigner” (外國人), what they usually mean is “white...(more)

It is not as hard as you may think. In fact, someone may a guide on how to do just that.

Llary’s Complete Guide to DIY Representative Office Registration

When I first wrote this guide very few people had set up this kind of office as a cost-effective way to be self...(more)

Here are three reasons why Japan is the best place to start teaching abroad!1) Japanese kids are fantastic

Of course, not all Japanese kids are fantastic. There are some who get their kicks by goofing off and generally being a pain , but as a whole they are wonderful. Time and...(more)

Of course you can, but that all depends on how much you make and how much you spend. Currently I make NT600 an hour. 3 month contracts on all classes and one on ones. I get a NT50 raise after every 3 months.I only made NT14,000 my first month back and it had me worried.


A great way to make money while traveling is to teach online.$3810 in 44 days. (Complete Palfish Info and FAQ page)

1.What is Palfish ?

A phone and tablet app where you teach chinese people and kids english. ''Freetalk'' lessons are for adults. ''Official Kids Course'' is...(more)

The best way to get around Taipei is by the MRT or you can take bus around the town. You can ride either as much as you want once your purchase an All Pass.

The Monthly Pass “All Pass Ticket,” granting user access to Taipei’s MRT, public bus, and...(more)