This is one of the best things about living in Taiwan. The healthcare system just works. Show up to any major hospital with your passport or ID, let them know you need a health check, and someone...(more)

I live in Taipei, Taiwan, and last Friday I had a barbecue at my rooftop. About 25 friends turned out to gather in a tight space to grill, drink beer, and chill. Nobody was concerned about...(more)

Being in Taiwan during the coronavirus is surreal, especially seeing all of the news out there about how well Taiwan is doing handling the virus. Somehow I can’t imagine a developed country where...(more)

Here is an article by Alan McIvor, Practice Leader at Paul Wright Group, that tells it better than anyone.

The topic of working in Taiwan as a foreigner is something I’ve spoken about...(more)

Taiwan Virus Report, April 11, 2020

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center announced today that there are three new cases of COVID-19 in Taiwan, all of which have come from...(more)

Taiwan has done a number of things to ensure that the Coronavirus doesn't get out of control and it's quite impressive to be here watching it happen.

There have been less than 100 cases as...(more)

When I first came to Taiwan as a student in 2010, a couple of friends and I loved to hang out at the internet cafes and play StarCraft II all night. They were magical places where you could sit at...(more)