On January 22nd I went to Saigon for 6 days during the Tet Holiday. Three days into the trip, an old friend from Nashville flew in from China to escape the chaos relating to the flu. We spent the...(more)

Most people in Taiwan are wearing masks because the news media is pumping out endless clickbait and bad news about the coronavirus. The fact is China people can't really get to Taiwan without all...(more)

I've never seen a Lyft in Taiwan, but when Uber showed up about five years ago, it was a godsend. Taxi drivers in Taipei had really gotten complacent, never improving their service in the least...(more)

If you work as an ESL teacher in Korea it's pretty legit.

Work usually starts at around 1pm, so you can sleep in.

The average salary is around 2,000$ a...(more)

I did this not so long ago. It took about 20 minutes.I also had to fill out a visa extension application, and give them a recent passport sized photo along with 1000 Taiwan...(more)

I just went through this process and it wasn't fun. Actually it's not that difficult. You need to apply for the Vietnam tourist visa here, and upload your main passport page and a photo without a...(more)