March 27, from Yahoo Taiwan News

The Central Epidemic Command Center said today that there are 15 new cases of novel coronavirus reported today in Taiwan, all coming from...(more)

Taiwan has done a number of things to ensure that the Coronavirus doesn't get out of control and it's quite impressive to be here watching it happen.

There have been less than 100 cases as...(more)

When I first came to Taiwan as a student in 2010, a couple of friends and I loved to hang out at the internet cafes and play StarCraft II all night. They were magical places where you could sit at...(more)

This is from the 2020 Taiwan Cherry Blossom Guide:

Cherry blossom season in Taiwan starts in late January, a whole two months earlier than Japan’s! They can last all the way to April,...(more)

On January 22nd I went to Saigon for 6 days during the Tet Holiday. Three days into the trip, an old friend from Nashville flew in from China to escape the chaos relating to the flu. We spent the...(more)

Most people in Taiwan are wearing masks because the news media is pumping out endless clickbait and bad news about the coronavirus. The fact is China people can't really get to Taiwan without all...(more)