My story is a bit unusual. I didn't have a straight line from teacher, to marketing job, to freelancer. I went more in a zig zag and ended up as a freelancer in March 2020, thanks to Covid when I...(more)

If you qualify, you can apply for the Taiwan Gold Card visa, usually from one to three years. However recently application rules have changed. Based on my reading of the updates promulgated Feb...(more)

The entrepreneur visa is an initiative by the Taiwanese government (run by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Investment Commission) to attract international...(more)

elon musk like BTC?

Best place I've been is Machos Tacos. They've got locations at 延吉 Yanji and 師大 Shida.

Check I pulled this up real quick.If you makeNT$ 600,000a year living inTaiwan, you will be taxedNT$...(more)

Make sure you have some great pics. Club promoters in Asia want a face they can display on billboards, posters, social media banners, ads, and other places where they do marketing. Your high res...(more)

As I understand the only way an American, or any foreigner for that matter can enter Taiwan now as of November 23, 2020, is if they’re hired from abroad and sent a work permit. Then they...(more)